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How can i make an appointment for a Covid test in ?

Since the beginning of March, everyone in has been allowed to be tested for Corona. This is possible once a week. The tests are offered by pharmacies, the German Red Cross, medical practices and health centers. An appointment is not always necessary: ​​Many municipal rapid test centers and pharmacies in also offer the rapid test without an appointment.

But this is not always the case: some providers require an appointment. Appointments can be made over the phone. This happens via the normal telephone number of the provider. Only very few providers switch a special telephone number exclusively for corona quick test appointments. Many pharmacies and doctors in offer appointments via the Internet. For this purpose, they provide a contact form on their website, which only needs to be filled out. If the rapid corona test in is possible without an appointment, this is also noted on the website. Here you simply enter the zip code or the location. The website shows where corona rapid tests can be carried out nearby. A phone call will clarify whether an appointment needs to be made.

How long does it take to carry out the Corona rapid test?

In the classic PCR test, a sample must be evaluated in the laboratory. Ideally, this takes 24 hours, but usually more like three to four days. The Corona quick test works differently. The sample is taken within seconds, the evaluation usually takes about a quarter of an hour. This is possible because the samples do not have to be sent to a laboratory. Everything can be evaluated on site. The Corona Rapid Test is rightly called the Corona Rapid Test: It only takes a few minutes to carry it out, including preparation.

It is different if the rapid corona test is done without an appointment. Only healthcare professionals are allowed to perform the rapid test. The usual waiting times must therefore be expected at the doctor’s. And in the pharmacy too, “normal” customers are served first. The rapid corona test in will only be carried out when the pharmacist has a few quiet minutes for the test. In the test centers, the waiting time without an appointment is often half an hour or a little more. If you call ahead, you can plan the waiting time better.

When will I get my covid test result?

A covid test in is usually evaluated within a quarter of an hour. The Corona rapid test is very simple: A little liquid from the mouth, throat or nose is sufficient. With a prepared test set, the sample is immediately examined on site for signs of a corona infection. A laboratory is not necessary for this. The test set contains all the necessary items. However, the rapid test may only be carried out by medical professionals. This means that short waiting times may have to be expected in medical practices and pharmacies. Because the specialists have a lot to do at the moment. You should definitely plan half an hour.

However, the test result will be announced immediately after the quick test has been evaluated. Nobody has to wait for a letter from the office or an e-mail.

How is the test result documented?

It doesn’t matter whether the rapid corona test is done in the pharmacy, at the doctor’s or in a test center: there is a documentation system. After the rapid test, the person tested receives a certificate. It says:
– who was tested
– with whom (doctor, pharmacy, test center) the test was carried out
– when was tested
– the result of the test.

This certificate is given to the person being tested and should be kept.

What if the result of the Covid test is positive?

If the result of the rapid corona test is positive, this means that there may be a corona infection. And the person tested may be contagious. That is why most test centers offer the option of carrying out a PCR test immediately. However, the result of the PCR test will not be available until the next day at the earliest. After a positive rapid test, there is therefore an obligation to isolate yourself. That means you go into quarantine.

This also applies if the rapid test is carried out in a pharmacy or in a doctor’s practice. In many facilities, the sample can be taken immediately for a PCR test. If this is not the case, you should immediately make an appointment with your family doctor for a PCR test. Appointments for the PCR test can also be obtained by calling 116 117 nationwide. While awaiting the result of the PCR test, one should isolate at home and follow the AHA+L rules. If the test result is positive, there is an obligation to report under the Infection Protection Act.

How do covid tests work in ?

The covid test in is a so-called rapid antigen test. This requires a swab from the nose or throat. Smear means: A little liquid (nasal mucus or saliva) is taken from the back of the mouth or nose with a cotton swab. The secretion is examined for traces of the corona virus. In the case of an existing corona infection, there are viruses or parts of the virus in the secretion. These are made up of protein. The secretion is put on a test strip together with some liquid. If the special protein of the virus is contained in the liquid, the test strip will change color.

Compared to the PCR test, however, the error rate of the rapid test is higher. This means that a negative test result does not necessarily rule out an infection. The result of the rapid test can also be positive if there is no corona infection. For this reason, a PCR test must always be carried out after a positive rapid test.

What is the difference between PCR tests, rapid antigen tests and self-tests?

Different tests work differently. Self-tests and rapid tests are so-called antigen tests. This means: They detect proteins that make up the corona virus. In the case of an existing corona infection, the viruses are very likely to be found in the nose and mouth, preferably in nasal mucus and saliva. Therefore, the tests can detect an infection.

Another possibility is a gargle test: You gargle with a harmless liquid, which is then spat out and checked for viruses or virus components. Spitting into a tube and so-called lolly tests (test sticks absorb saliva when sucked) are also available. Which rapid test is used for whom and where is constantly changing. So far, not so many different rapid tests have been approved.

During the PCR test, a smear is also taken, either in the throat or high up in the nose. This sample is treated in the laboratory. An attempt is made to multiply any virus material present in it. Because the virus or the proteins of the virus can only be detected if a certain amount is present. If the virus material is multiplied in the laboratory, it can be detected. And it works even when there is very little of it. So a PCR test can be positive even if the rapid antigen test or the self-test was negative. Working in the laboratory takes a lot of time. The result of the PCR test is usually only available after 48 hours or later.

What is the accuracy of covid tests?

The covid test may only be carried out in by trained specialists. Because it is also important for the rapid test that the swab is taken high up in the nose or deep in the back of the throat. You can’t do that well yourself. But the Corona rapid test still does not offer 100% security. How reliable a test is depends on two things: How sensitive is the test? Can he also detect little virus material? And how often does the test fail? This means: Sometimes the rapid corona test shows a positive result even though there is no infection at all.

Important to know: The Cochrane network has examined how reliably the Corona rapid test detects an infection. The rapid test is relatively reliable for people with corona symptoms. In people without symptoms, the rapid tests are not as reliable. On average, 72 percent of those infected with corona with symptoms are recognized by the rapid test. On average, 58 percent of those infected without symptoms are recognized by the rapid tests. But this is not the case with every quick test: the products of the different manufacturers are of different quality. For comparison: These differences also exist in the PCR test. However, the PCR tests identify between 90 and 100 percent of those infected, regardless of existing symptoms. However, the rate of false-positive tests is also high.

Why are covid tests used in ?

Covid tests are not suitable for ruling out a corona infection. However, in they are primarily used in nursing homes, in hospitals and schools. There they should minimize the overall risk of infection. The meaning behind it: Sick people, older people, people with disabilities and children depend on a high level of contacts. You need support. And they should not be endangered unnecessarily. The rapid tests can detect a risk of infection. When used sensibly, the rapid tests can reduce the risk of infection in schools and kindergartens, protective facilities for children and young people, residential complexes and care facilities. At the same time, contacts can take place in these institutions.